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1979 Benzina Coupé Manuale Trazione posteriore 1000 km
€ 26,000 EUR
Id: 304
Condition: Restaurata
Mileage: 1000 km
Engine: 137 kW
Fuel: Benzina
Exterior Color: Bianco
Interior Color: Nero
Body Type: Coupé
Transmission: Manuale (CAMBIO BACCI)
Drive: Trazione posteriore
Doors: 2
Seats: 2
Condizioni della carrozzeria : 100%
Condizioni della meccanica: 100%
Condizioni del motore: 100%
Condizione dell'impianto elettrico: 100%
Condizione degli interni: 100%
Altre Info: Il costruttore di vetture da competizione Gian Paolo Dallara realizzò tra il 1973 e il 1978, in accordo con la Fiat , alcune decine di X 1/9 elaborate, secondo i dettami regolamentari del Gruppo 5 (vetture Silhouette). Ispirata ad uno di questi esem
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The manufacturer of competing cars Gian Paolo Dallara made between 1973 and 1978, according to the Fiat, some tens of X 1/9 elaborated according to the regulations of Group 5 (Silhouette cars). Inspired by one of these specimens, it is proposed a newly restored replica of Dallara Icsunonove made on the basis of Fiat X 1/9 Five Speed 1500 of 1979. Aesthetically it is characterized, like the Dallara Icsunonove, for the wheel arches widened to mount larger wheels, a rear aileron and a retractable front bezel. The car is equipped with the FIA FIA updated in 2015 and therefore already complies with the new ACI-CSAI regulations to run uphill or track. The benchmark chart in 2016, when the engine was completely re-engineered, has a power of 186.8 hp at 7570 rpm. From the restoration, only 3 chronoscale were made (engine and gearbox are therefore pretty new). The engine was made by Judges at Berzo-Demo (BS) and was completely prepared with pistons, head machining, camshaft, Kugelfischer injection. The gearbox is a Bacci last type with the ability to change 3, 4 and 5 by pushing the rapport as in prototypes. The machine mounts the Belli Racing Arms all with new Uniball and mounts a dual pump pump and Willwood racing disc with hydraulic handbrake. It was just finished with bodywork and is ready to run (fire extinguisher revised for 2 years. Only seats and belts expire in late 2017 so they will be changed). As spare parts there are 4 circles and one half-axle. A car ready to have fun with a non-binding figure.
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Name: KeithdrypeSZ Divisione Classic

Username: Keithdrype

Phone: 3388890387

CellPhone: 3388890387

Email: protopenkom@gmail.com

Country: Italia

State: Lombardia

Street: Via Valcamonica 12/c

ZIP Code: 25127

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