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1973 Benzina Coupé Manuale Trazione posteriore 53500 km
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Italia+Marche+Porto San Giorgio+
Id: 311
Condition: Restaurata
Mileage: 53500 km
Fuel: Benzina
Exterior Color: Arancio (Arancione metallizzato AR 602) (metallic)
Interior Color: Beige
Body Type: Coupé
Transmission: Manuale
Drive: Trazione posteriore
Doors: 2
Seats: 4
Condizioni della carrozzeria : 100%
Condizioni della meccanica: 100%
Condizioni del motore: 100%
Condizione dell'impianto elettrico: 100%
Condizione degli interni: 100%
Altre Info: Alfa Romeo Montreal del 1973, arancione metallizzato AR 602 con interni beige/havana (matching colors); dotata dei seguenti optional: Aria condizionata, vernice metallizzata e vetri elettrici. Il TOP ! Tra le più belle e perfette Montreal esistenti
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- Iscrizione ASI - Certificato d'Identità TARGA ORO 
- Matching Number - Libretto di Uso e Manutenzione 
Alfa Romeo Montreal 1973, metallic orange AR 602 with beige/havana interior (matching colors); equipped with the following options: Air conditioning, metallic paint and electric windows. The TOP ! Among the most beautiful and perfect existing Montreal, incredible original conditions. 2 previous owners, of which the second from 2001 to today. Healthy body without rust, original underbody platform as factory. No accidents, no welding. Totally original mechanics (matching numbers); Spica mechanical injection fuel system in excellent operating condition. Original intonsi interior, dashboard without any defect. Plaques, vehicle registration, supplementary sheet, purchase contract, tool kit, document holder and original keychain supplied. Asi homologated with a gold plate. This announcement is valid except for transcription errors and does not constitute any contractual obligation. TOMMYCAR since 1999 ten-year experience and professionalism in the sale and restoration of classic, classic and sports cars. Alfa Romeo Classic Specialist. The cars for sale are the exclusive property of TOMMYCAR (NO SALES AND MEDIATION) to guarantee selection and quality, sold with a regular contract and sales invoice. Possibility of shipping to Europe, Switzerland, America and Asia at an advantageous price. It is received in the new premises only by telephone appointment.
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